How to set collision layer of Tilemap in Godot

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I want to set the collision layer of the tilemap programmatically based on a variable. Image below will help:

This is my custom tilemap class, it is basically a normal tilemap at the moment but it has a variable elevation. I want to set the collision layer and mask of the tilemap to the elevation in my script. I can set the layer and mask in the editor, so surely it is possible in the script.

Physics layers are part of the TileSet. You can change their values with Tileset.set_physics_layer_collision_layer() and TileSet.set_physics_layer_collision_mask() like:

extends Node

@onready var tile_map: TileMap = $TileMap

func _ready() -> void:
	await get_tree().create_timer(2).timeout
	tile_map.tile_set.set_physics_layer_collision_layer(0, 0)

Perfect, thank you

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