Is it possible to group variables from the current class and sub class under one heading in the inspector

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I currently have a base class, a sub class and a sub-sub class.

Each has a couple of exported variables.

Lets say for argument
@export var stored_setting1: int =10

@export var stored_setting2: int =10

@export var stored_setting3: int =10

Currently in the inspector theres a heading for base class, sub class and sub-subclass.

What is the easiest way to group them all under the same heading in the inspector.

I understand I can use export_group and export_category but these are sub headings under each class name.

What are the options to organise the inspector.

I’m almost certain that this kind of approach is impossible right now on Godot. But we can try to do some workaround. So, if you have this 3 classes with exports inside, you probably just want to change them in the sub-sub class, right? If so, you could just make all the exports in the sub-sub class, create normal vars on the sub and base classes, and initialize them with a standard value, and you could update them with setters too.
See if my example works for your purpose:

class_name BaseClass extends Node

var base_class_setting := 10
class_name SubClass extends BaseClass

var sub_class_setting := 10
class_name SubSubClass extends SubClass

@export var sub_sub_class_setting := 10
@export var _sub_class_setting := 10 : set = set_sub_class_setting
@export var _base_class_setting := 10 : set = set_base_class_setting

func set_sub_class_setting(value):
    _sub_class_setting = value
    sub_class_setting = _sub_class_setting

func set_base_class_setting(value):
    _base_class_setting = value
    base_class_setting = _base_class_setting

Tell me if this is what you’re looking for, if not, detail me how you gonna change the properties and maybe we can find a solution.