ItemList is confusing

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I’m at a point where I want to display a table with multiple characters and corresponding stats for them, so I was checking out if I should use the ItemList node, or just instanciate a predefined HBoxContainer for each character I have.

ItemList at first glance looks like the way to go, but after meddling with it for an hour I don’t get it, so I was wondering, what is your opinion about it and if I should use it at all for this purpose?


it’s better to just use grid container then
item list’s item cant really easily be modified
you see what can even be done from these only options?:

at best you can modify its icon, then what happen if you want it to be partially clickable or add more icon/image into it?

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That’s what I thought, but since I’m quite a noob with godot and programming in general, it would be quite possible I was just not seeing the potential of the ItemList node.

Thanks for your input.

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