Label text color issues

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I have been trying to make a simple platformer. For this, I need to change the color of text of a label. Here is my code and one of my error messages.

I have tried almost everything and nothing has worked. Any ideas are helpful.

You can try this:

var label_settings =
label_settings.font_color = color
get_node(nodePath).label_settings = label_settings

That didn’t quite work, and it sized down all the labels that reference that code, probably because I use text size to size up the labels.

I was testing some things, and I decided to hard code everything to be Color(0,0,0), which made everything black. I tested Color(77,77,77) which made everything white, although that hex is a gray. I looked into the Color class and looked at it’s constructors. Color(r,g,b) returns a Color object with values r, g, and b being 0-1. As I was setting everything to 77,77,77, that would limit to 1,1,1 which is white. To fix this, try using Color8(r,g,b) instead.

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