Missing a connection to method

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What’s this green thing here?


And how do add it to my function?

To backtrack (this is all a bit backwards, so please bear with me).

I was working on a Godot game a year ago. Got frustrated and now am back having a look at it although things are now a bit rusty…

I’ve got a function that emits firey pixels of death (bullet) from the player sprite. All is good!

In order to add a second weapon, I’ve duplicated the weapon script and weapon scene. It registers the key press, but does not emit the bullet. Frustrating.

The only difference is I’ve noticed in the main .gd script there is an green left arrow with a right angled bracket (see above) that is missing from the second script.


func _on_player_weapon_a_shot(weapon_a_scn, location):
	# Weapon A
	var wpn_a = weapon_a_scn.instantiate()
	wpn_a.global_position = location
	#play sound effect

Text version of code

How do I add the signal??/connections ?? to the function?

Here’s the Godot Docs page for connecting a signal in the editor.

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Thanks for the link- turns out the signals needed to be reestablished (cut function code. Delete function. Connect signal and finally paste the code back into the newly created function at the bottom of the script!

Just a thing that might be handy in the future - when connecting the signal, you can also choose a function that already exists, by using this button:

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