Original works but duplicate does not

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I am new to godot and making games in general and I do not know how I can make this work. I have a plane that follows a path and does different things depending on what area2d it goes through and when I make a duplicate of this, the duplicate does not respond to the area2ds. Is it a signaling issue or do duplicate scripts just not work?

This is way too vague to help you with. When you say “duplicate”, you mean you right-clicked on your (plane?) node and chose “Duplicate”? If so, the duplicated node should use the same script and signal connections. What do you mean when you say “does not respond to the area2ds”? What did you expect to happen? What (if anything) happened instead? Can you share some code?

I can only upload one picture because i am new, but my code just connects an area2d from my airport scene to an f15 scene via custom signals and it activates a function in the f15 scene.

I am just wondering if there is a way to duplicate my f15 and have the copy function separately without rewriting my script.

If your question is if one can copy a node and all their connections to signals at once, the answer is: No. Since you don’t connect signals to scripts, but nodes.

That being said, of course you can have the F15 scene connect the relevant signals themselves in _ready. But again, your post is really vague on the details!