Particles huge lag spike on first instance

Godot Version

4.2.1 Stable


I’m having an issue where the whole game will freeze briefly when a GPUParticle starts emitting for the first time. It happens no matter how simple it is. It doesn’t happen after its triggered again. Even reloading the game, it’s only that first time. It seems like a caching issue. But I’ve been told Godot 4 was supposed to cache particles on load. I’ve tried doing this myself but it seems to make no difference.

The profiler doesn’t say anything specific just “process time” This happens in builds as well, not just in editor. I’ve tested it on a few different pcs, some low range, some high, same issue. Changing the shadow filter quality settings can get it to do the same stutter like the first time but then it’ll be fine again.

It’s becoming super annoying as this happens with all particles. It has no issue after the first time but the first time seems to always be guaranteed. I’ve been trying to figure this issue out with some other people but no knows why either…

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I have the same issue.

It’s a know bug, see this issue on Github: GPUParticles3D lag spike on first instance · Issue #87891 · godotengine/godot · GitHub

Not sure if you noticed but this is my own github post