Problem displaying text before triggering a wait timer

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I have a problem where, when I try to make a timer for my “you died” text to show up before I change to main menu scene, the number displayed stops at 10 (one click before it should go to 0). No matter how many times I click it won’t change.

I feel like this has to do with it going to the wait timer too quickly or something but idk I’m super new to coding.

func _process(_delta):
	if Input.is_action_just_pressed("get_hit(fortesting)"):
		health -= 10
		if health <= 0:
			health = 0
			you_died_scene.visible = true
			await get_tree().create_timer(2.0).timeout
		health_label.text = "Health: " + str(health)

Put this line of code before you check health is zero

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What line of code?