Problem with angular_velocity in RigidBody3D character movement

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Hello, I need a little help with RigidBody3D character movement. Until a few days ago, everything was working fine, but now I have an issue. I have a RigidBody3D character with “Angular x/y/z” locked in the Rigid settings (right panel / Axis Lock). When I start the game, angular_velocity.y doesn’t work because it’s locked. But when I unlock it, angular_velocity.y works, but when I walk over uneven terrain, my character’s camera (whole charachter) slowly turns left or right depending on the slope. Btw i use Godot Jolt physics and i change angular and linear velocity in _integrate_forces() function and my player (collision shape) is CapsuleShape. My godot version is 4.2.Stable

In this video i only use W and S movement:

i can not upload video bcs i’m new user, but you can find it in Godot discord server . Here is message link: discord message link