Project THU | Game | In progress

After working on this project for a while and exploring different directions, I’ve decided to start documenting it here. I don’t have a name for it yet so THU will have to do for now.

You can find my first post about it here

This is another exploration update on art, lighting, colours, and some basic abilities and combat.

The direction for this project is not set in stone yet but hopefully, it turns into something good.

I’ll keep updating this topic when I have more to show. Follow me on this journey of exploration!


That looks damn cool. Keep on hacking!

Thank you. Look out for more.

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Love the artwork and atmosphere of the scene!

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Thank you. I’ve been working on that a lot. Still a lot of way to go, but it’s getting there.

oooh, I like how this is coming along!

reminds me of hollow knight

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It’s a major inspiration for this.

Looks really good!
Are you using a 3D scene with different layers for the parallax effect? And if that’s the case, are you using GridMaps to build the levels?

I’m trying get a Hollow Knight feel to my game as well, I just started but after a few experiments I figured it was easier to build the collision layer with a library of meshes positioned with snapping enabled, and for the art layers… still unsure about it

Are you applying the blur / darkening of the background / foreground elements with shaders, or are you using separate textures for them ?

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I’m using 2d with parallax layers for the environment. Nothing is 3d.

The levels are made with tiles with the art overlayed on it. In some cases, I use static bodies for reusable platforms I can place all around my levels. After a lot of explorations, I found it is easier for me to iterate on level design with tilemaps instead of placing a bunch of static bodies.

All the blurs are made with shaders.

I’m still iterating on some of this, but this is the current workflow that works best for me now.

Interesting thanks! Yes if you’re working in 2D there’s no reason not to use tilemaps, they’re great to use in Godot 4
I’m using 3D scene because I thought it would give me more control over the positioning of elements on the different layers, but it sure makes the level design more tedious.


I assume working with camera and parallax will be easier in 3d but I’ve never tested it out. Both options definitely has it pros and cons.

This looks like it should be a boss room doesn’t it?


is this inspired by hollow knight? because it looks like it is

Yes it is.

What would an in-air combat system look like for a metroidvania? Probably frustrating! But it will be a good challenge to fight a boss all in-air.


Prototyped a boss I could not beat easily even though I designed it.

I have a theory that the reason many games by solo devs are extremely hard is because the dev has played in countless times and have no idea how good they are at their own game.