Questions on interdependent scenes and game state structure

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I have the following layout in my game:

r/godot - Questions on scene and game state structure

game layout

So card and play area scenes are a given, but what about the hands, cards in play pile, and decks?
I’d like to be able to have business logic pertaining to the hand itself independently which leads me to think that I should make a scene for the hand at least. But that brings the tediousness of transferring a card played to the cards in play scene or vice versa (which I guess would mean animating it to the desired spot and deleting the card instance and recreating it with all the same parameters under the cards in play pile when playing a card).

I’m curious about the best practice for this.

Also is it best practice to keep complex state that isn’t as visual (i.e. the sequence of player 1’s deck) in the node itself or lift it into play area and keep scene instances and nodes purely visually focused?