Should I ditch learning c++ and learn gdscript instead?

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Godot 4.2(android)


Hi guys, I know this may not be the place to ask but I don’t really know any other place to ask this, either way my question is should I stop learning c++ and learn gdscript instead??? The reason I learn c++ was because my dumbass thought godot supported it directly in the editor and also because when I install a certain android version of godot it supported c++(I could be trippin here) but then I downloaded the new version and that version only supports gdscript. I’m already pretty deep when it comes to learning c++ so Idont really know what to do, should I stop continue learning it then learn godot and after I learn it should I start from scratch when I learn gdscript or do I just learn the syntax and their basics?
Im sorry if this is pretty long but if u have the time I would love to read ur tips. Thank you!!!

well I’ve been learning c# for about 7 years now

c# is a upgrade of C++ witch is history by now or is it, …

anyway going to GD script I’ve done some little things I’ve done my own SQL translated in to GD script

and whala my old C# SQL had 0.01sec writing on to a disc for a single byte
while on GD script it uses only 0.0003 seconds
not to mention SQLite takes 0.1 sec per different data on HDD not SSD

so I’ve pushed it to the HDD limits not software. Don’t know how fast would it be on SSD

that’s only starters, … I think that GDscript is still a baby I could be wrong. But even a baby can already out run old marathon C# which means when this baby grows up it won’t only out run it but it’ll have even better functionalities than c# or new f# would ever have.

I’d say learn GDscript new language new perspective you are only starting to learn so it won’t be hard as it’s to me that had to ditch all that functionalities that I’m used to. but somehow I’m getting some new functionalities better ones maybe strange ones but they work

that’s my opinion I could be wrong.

the question is what you are really trying to make? if you need Godot engine to make what you want, yes GDScript is recommended.


You can make a majority of your Godot code in GDExtensions, but it’s going to be all class and macro based programming; If you are just learning C++ it will be difficult to navigate. GDExtension development also requires recompiling and reloading the editor often, so it can be slower to get going when tweaking logic.

If you intend to use Godot it will be better to learn GDScript first.

You can do whatever you want as long as you feel comfortable with it. I really like how gdscript is straightforward and clean but you can also switch from C++ to C# and use that.

It really depends on what you want to make with Godot and if you have general programming experience (the higher your experience, the easier it is for you to notice parallels as you switch between languages). Also it’s not like you need to completely start new as you can apply what you learned in c++ somewhat in gdscript. It’s really just different structure and terminology.

c# is a upgrade of C++ witch is history by now or is it[…]

C++ most certainly is not history, and C# is most certainly not an upgrade. It’s a lateral move from Java (but without the benefits). I’ll just leave it at that.


GDScript is Godot’s native language, so to speak, has the most thorough support, and is the most accessible of the supported languages. The time spent learning it is time well spent.

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I’d echo what others have said about it depending on your longer term ambitions.

Do you want to make games with Godot? GDScript is probably the way to go!

Do you want to gain programming skills and/or future career in programming? While learning GDScript will definitely provide you with transferable skills, nowhere outside of Godot uses it and you might be better off learning C# or C++. These are very different languages used for very different things, so it might be worth your while doing some reading about the differences first.

One idea, if you want a bit of both might be to learn C#. You can use C# to create games in Godot, but it’s also widely used in industry.