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Hi, i am trying to make enemies spawn randomly on ‘walk-able’ tiles in on a tilemap, but i’m not very experienced with godot and cant figure out how to do that. Any help or examples would be appreciated.

is the map randomly generated (set_tile from code) also or from editor drawn

the map is drawn in the editor

You can get an array of all the tiles placed in a TileMap with get_used_cells(), then you iterate on that and use get_cell_source_id() to get the ID of the tile. If it matches a tile you want to spawn on, you roll for a spawn on those coordinates.

Or you can use get_used_cells_by_id() if you want to check only one specific ID.

In either case you’ll get a Vector2 array with the coordinates of valid tiles.

(remember to multiply by the tile size to get pixel coordinates)

I have managed to figure out this, it feels like it should work but all the mobs spawn
at the top left cell and get stuck.

@onready var tilesmap = $TileMap
@onready var tiles = tilesmap.get_used_cells_by_id(0, -1 ,Vector2(1, 0))
@export var enemy_number = 5

func _ready():
while enemy_number >= 0:
var crab = spawn_crab.instantiate()
var spawner = tiles[ randi() % tiles.size() ]
crab.position = spawner
enemy_number -= 1

what is this script actualy doing?

You are setting the pixel position of crab to the tile coordinates of spawner. As I said, you want to multiply the vector returned by the tilemap function by the pixel size of your tiles.
So something like crab.position = spawner * tilesmap.tile_set.tile_size since you stored the TileMap instance in tilesmap.

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cool, it works now

Thanks for explaining

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