Sprite Effects (Godot 4)

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i’m a total Godot newb and am trying to find tutorials/docs on “sprite effects” but i can’t figure out the right to term to search on.

In my head a sprite effect is making a sprite (or button) fade, strobe, grow, outline, etc. In Torque i would have added a strobe component to the object to strobe and in Unity to outline things i’d, um, something dumb with the stencil buffer maybe (i don’t remember).

As a note, i’ve found a few demos on GitHub (from YouTube videos) that might be relevant but none of them run on Godot 4, even with Godot’s auto-convert option. So i’m a little worried that even when i think of a word to search on it gives me the wrong stuff because it’s called something different in Godot 4 vs 3.

You can use Tween, AnimationPlayer and shaders to create effects like that. If you are not familiar with shaders, there are shaders available on https://godotshaders.com/. Shaders have not changed that much in Godot 4 but there are some minor changes so most Godot 3 shaders won’t work straight away but usually there are comments that point out what you need to change to make the Godot 3 shader work in Godot 4.

I think Tween works best for effects like fade and grow. For outline effect you need a shader.

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