Sprite2D Skew and Rotation

Godot Version



So I have a Sprite2D that I am rotating, and I want to adjust the skew of the sprite to match its rotation degrees, but the problem is that the sprite is spinning on it’s skew axis significantly more than it is rotating.
I would think that the skew matching the rotation degrees would allow it to smoothly skew, but it does not.
The angle i am working with is -45 degrees to 45 degrees.

Here is how I am handling the code:

if (self.rotation_degrees > -45) or (self.rotation_degrees < 45):
	$Sprite2D.skew = -self.rotation_degrees

Thank you in advance for the help!

Was able to fix my issue by multiplying the rotation value by .01

if (self.rotation_degrees > -45) or (self.rotation_degrees < 45):
	$Sprite2D.skew = -self.rotation_degrees * .01