Timer not working as intended

Godot Version



I’m trying to implement coyote time, but for some reason my timer doesn’t seem to start. What am I doing wrong?

Autostart is off, oneshot is on and the timeout signal is linked

Have you debugged it to be sure your code is reaching line 18 where you called ctime.start() ?


It does reach that line, it seems like, based on my attempts to fix, it that there is something off with the wait time and when it times out, basically if I fall I can jump once while falling regardless of time set on the timer

It is difficult to know the code behaviour from just a screenshot, but an assumption I have is that ctime.start() is called multiple times and it restarts the timer every frame.

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That might make sense, I’ll try fixing that and then ask If I still get the problem. Thank you : )

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