SATORI - Shiny Monogatari - Intro


SATORI Happens in ancient Japan in the year of 555 A.D. Is an Isometric RPG but for while I only developed the intro and need to build the map of temple. There’s a lot of to work in this project. Hope you Like! Please Feedback.


I must appologize for this comment, but first impressions… long overdrawn-out annoying sound and introductory.
edit: example: the sound got annoying for me fast, maybe because it seemed out of context, it would have been ok for a scene somewhere in the game if it fits the styling / mood / fight or whatever. Might be better with less / softer sound, instead of slowly printing the intro simply paste it and allow the player/user time to read it, or maybe just speed it up a bit, (some read faster than others).
sorry if my post is not what you were hoping for but just being honest, it’s just my first impression!

I think it’s great you got so far, keep going!


SATORI - Village of Sukasii - 05-04-2024

SATORI - Temple of Sukasii - 05-04-2024