Trouble with navigation map ( when spawning another static mesh instance )

( had to shorten down the video by a lot. )

I am having a bit of a problem trying to make the navigation region work with the navigation agents. I tried to use navigation links and updating it ( when I updated it, it literally did not change it after parenting the static bodies on the navigation meshes. ) When I use a navigation link the nav agent just stays in the beginning position on the nav link.

To give context a building spawned in which doesnt update the navigation region

I suggest you turn on the navigation mesh debug in the editor debug menu and also the navigation path debug on the navigation agent node. You need to see what is actually done by the navigation system.

The video does not give much information. If you remove or place new things that affect the navigation mesh surface you need to update the navigation mesh, e.g. by rebaking it.

Navigation links are for connecting navigation mesh polygons over arbitrary distances that can not be connected by just aligning the border edges. The links still need updated navigation mesh surfaces and polygons to function.

I checked the dubug when rebaking it, it just showed the same nav map up where it was placed I’ll give it another try and show what happened

alright so it actually worked I just didnt get any error or so I fixed it. thanks!