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I’m trying to make a death screen UI so you can respawn at the last checkpoint, restart, and quit back to the main menu. My issue is trying to figure out how to get the UI to pop up without switching scenes. I’ve tried to instantiate it but it’s not where I want it to be. Any ideas or help would be amazing!

you can simply create a CanvasLayer, create your PackedScene with the deathscreen objects and when the player dies, instantiate the packedscene and add it as a child of the canvaslayer.

btw why do you not want it to be a different scene

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Just thinking back to a couple games I’ve played where it still had the level and everything in the background. But just switching scenes seems to be the easiest route. I’ll just do that. Thanks anyways!

wait no

you can just put the game over screen over the game and to polish it even more you can use timescale to slow down the game. this will look way better

That’s a great idea actually! Fixes the other issue I had with the scene switching right after the player dies. Thank you!!!

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