Voxel Terrain Generation (Question)

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Godot 4.2.1


Hi everyone,

Just wondering if there are any up-to-date tutorials on generating procedural voxel terrain in Godot 4 using GDScript? I know there is Zylanns voxel generation tools - which I couldn’t get to work for whatever reason - and there are a few tutorials on YT, but many of the tutorials use Zylanns or are on outdated versions of Godot. Just chasing an updated tutorial for 4 or a good explanation of where to start.


I’m actually working on this my self. The way i did it was building the voxels out of immediate mesh. It works very well.

The set up is simple. I use a Nested 3D Array to decide where to build the cubes obviously only drawing the faces that are visible. As the name suggest, the mesh is built quite fast when there are changes’. Either by generating the world using noise algorithms or by adding or removing voxels.

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