VSCode Godot Debugger extension "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'startsWith')"

Godot Version

v4.2.2.stable.official [15073afe3]


My current setup is based in Linux (Fedora/Nobara) using Godot with VSCode, I did the recommended setup (GitHub - godotengine/godot-vscode-plugin: Godot development tools for VSCode, etc) but when I try to run the project it only shows a dialog with the following:

“Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘startsWith’)”


My launch.json is:

      "name": "Launch",
      "type": "godot",
      "request": "launch"

And my godotTools.editorPath.godot4 are point to the correct executable.

And in the output of Godot Debugger at VSCode I get:

2024-05-03 20:55:17.894 [info] Creating debug session
2024-05-03 20:55:17.940 [info] Project version identified as undefined

Anyone have a clue of what might be the issue?

Tried other methods but unfortunatelly nothing yet :frowning: