Way to Flip vertically RigidBody2D node witch all its childrens

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Does anyone know how to vertically mirror the entire RigidBody2D object along with the contents of the node in godot 4.

I read on several sites that this is not possible normally as it is done in the case of other 2D nodes, for example CharacterBody2D. Like here:

scale.y = scale.x * -1
in the case of the RigidBody2D node, the object is flipped horizontally, which is probably not desirable.

in the same way, if we flip all the sprites that contain a RigidBody2D node, it causes each sprite to be flipped individually and a mess is created.

func flip_child():
for child in get_children():
if child.get(“scale”) != null:
child.scale.x = -child.scale.x

Maybe there is a workaround for this?