How do i make a node detect that it has entered a tileset hitbox

Godot Version

4.2.1 stable


So i made a tileset that has some hitboxes, i’ve managed to make em work with the player node however i made a spell called fireball and i don’t really see how the fireball can detect the tileset collision box since it’s not an independant node.

basically i’m wondering how the fireball could detect that it’s in a wall, as for the rest of the script i guess i’ll just have to do a queue_free()

physics layer is not an area, it’s a body

well i’ve tried body before but when i put body it says it’s not declared and i don’t really know where or what i’m supposed to declare for it to work

what not declared? how do you put the body?

i see you have the fireball gd with area entered, use and connect body_entered signal instead

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and it now works, thanks for helping it really means a lot, have a nice day !

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