Invaild get index 'position' (on base:Nil)

Hello! I’m new to Godot . Like I’ve been using Godot for only 2 days new and I have been stuck in this error that I’ve been trying to fix for like the past 1 and a half hours .

Here is the code :

extends CharacterBody2D

var speed = 250

var ball

var Opponent

func _ready():
ball = get_parent().get_node(“Ball”)

func _physics_process(delta):

func opponent_direction():
if abs(ball.position-Opponent.position)<25:
if ball.position > position :
return 1
else : return -1
else:return 0

in the opponent_direction() function at ‘if abs(ball.position-Opponent.position)<25:’ it keep showing this yellow arrow and the code just doesn’t run . If anyone can help me out with this that would be amazing.

Also side note this is my first time using the Godot forms so I may not have properly attached the code or maybe I might not have properly pointed out the problem . So in that case my apologies.

Also it seems that all my if statements have lost their the little spaces that you get by pressing tab(I cant remember what they’re called) .
just know that they are there

You never set Opponent

Welcome aboard!

The “Nil” part of the error means that whatever variable you are trying to access “position” from isnt set to anything yet.

Does this help?

Also, when you post code, you can format that part lf your post as code and it makes it way more readable. One of the buttons does it, or you can format it by just typing triple quotes (or whatever it is called)

I did create a variable called Opponent

But you didn’t set it to anything, it’s empty, you need to set it just like you do ball

but dont understand what i can set it to.
i tried giving it and bunch of other things i thought that could work but it didnt

could you suggest me anything to try out that might work

i did create a variable called opponent

I have no idea :slight_smile: you are the one who wrote the code, so you should know what the Opponent should be, you need to set it to some node, the Opponent in your code

You creating it isn’t enough, the engine can’t guess what it is supposed to be, you need to set it to what the opponent is, like the node you are using

well basicly i am making this pong game by following this tutorial
and im just making the ball track the ball location and if the balls position goes below the opponent by a certain ammount the opponent will go down
and if the opposite happens the opponent will go up

but for somereason in the 17th line of my code it keeps showing me a yellow arrow and the game just breaks

Opponent is never assigned to anything, you need to do this yourself, just set it like you do ball :slight_smile:

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ohh thanks
but I cant really figure out what to assign it
could you help me out with that

Please link to the tutorial, there’s no information here on what Opponent is supposed to be so we can’t help you

its a tutorial from 4 years ago

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Instead of “the game just breaks” you better post the actual error message. But it will be, most likely, “Invalid get index ‘position’ (on base ‘Nil’)”.

It happens because the variable Opponent is never initialized. You need to add the right way to locate the opponent node, something like Opponent = get_parent().get_node(“Opponent”) (this is just an example, the real code will probably be different).

By the way, instead of @warning_ignore(“unused_parameter”), you can simply add an underscore prefix to the unused parameters: func _physics_process(_delta):

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Where in the tutorial is Opponent added, I can’t find that code, it’s just:

func get_opponent_direction():
	if abs(ball.position.y - position.y) > 25:
		if ball.position.y > position.y: return 1
		else: return -1

I don’t know where you’re getting the Opponent part from?

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My code was not working so i just tried different things and in that process I just made a variable called opponent

Then I’d suggest following the tutorial code :slight_smile: and see why that doesn’t work, adding new variables like this isn’t usually a solution

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This is likely the part that’s wrong to begin with, it should be:

if abs(ball.position.y - position.y) > 25:

Here’s the complete (converted) code, this should work:

extends CharacterBody2D

var speed = 250
var ball 

func _ready():
	ball = get_parent().get_node("Ball")

func _physics_process(_delta):
	velocity = Vector2(0,get_opponent_direction()) * speed

func get_opponent_direction():
	if abs(ball.position.y - position.y) > 25:
		if ball.position.y > position.y: return 1
		else: return -1
	else: return 0

But for a good pong example code I’d suggest looking here, your tutorial is for 3.x and isn’t simple to convert to 4.x


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I did follow the code like in the tutorial but it didn’t work for me and I remember doing something similar to this but it didn’t work most likely cause I did it differently

Anyways thanks a lot

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