Make 3D enemies jump off ledges

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Godot v4.2.1 Stable



I want to make it so that when enemies walk on this ramp, they can jump off of it if the player is nearby. I’m using TrenchBroom to make the maps, so I don’t know if NavigationLink will work.

Navigation Region settings

NavigationLinks are the answer.

Everytime you want the pathfinding to recognize paths between otherwise disconnected navigation mesh surfaces you need to place navigation links to mark a persistent connection.

Does not matter what it is, a gap, a cliff, an elevator, … they all need a navigation link. Anything more complex than just dropping down a ledge also needs a custom script to handle the traversal through the link. The link only tells the pathfinding that there is a connection, it does not tell agents how to use that connection other than providing the start and end point.

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