Programmable Tilemap layers (inclduing physics layers)? Can you also link a tilemap physic layer and signals together?

Godot Version

Godot 4.2


Is it possible to program tilemap layers to make it so that for example a layer could hold variables that other nodes and scripts could use?

Is it also possible to connect a physics layer to a signal? I am asking to detect if I can see if nodes collide with the tilemap. Also to program walls without using the if collide with walls thing.

I don’t think I have any more information for my questions, I am also going to post these questions in reddit and if I get an answer there that is not here, I will post it here. (Reddit posting broken rn, will update later)

I have answered the first question, so basically for anyone else that has the question, in the tilemap node you can make a new custom data layer that can basically hold any source of information that can be accessed by each cell. My second question was redundant, I was half asleep when writing that I believe, because you can connect a physics layer to a signal as long as the custom data layer is set to signal and the cell’s physics layer is set to that cusom data layer.