Shaders on animated TileMap shading per tile?

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While trying to apply a shader to an animated TileMap, it seems my shader is being applied per-tile? my shader looks like this:

Without my Shader it looks like this:

I’m using a shader that applies a mask generated from a BitMap that matches the shape of a Polygon2D, resulting in a black and white image like this:

The shader turns the black into alpha and then uses the alpha to mask the TileMap, but it’s not working as expected, how can I make it apply to the entire tilemap?

Current Shader Code:

shader_type canvas_item;

uniform bool on = false;

uniform sampler2D polygon_texture;
uniform bool invert_mask = false;

void fragment() {
        vec4 color = texture(TEXTURE, UV);
        vec4 polygon_alpha = texture(polygon_texture, UV);
        if (polygon_alpha.r == 0.0 && polygon_alpha.g == 0.0 && polygon_alpha.b == 0.0) {
            polygon_alpha.a = 0.0;
        if (invert_mask == true) {
            polygon_alpha = 1.0 - polygon_alpha;
        if (polygon_alpha.a == 0.0)
            color.a = 0.0;
        COLOR = color;

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I found this post on the forum. Maybe its of help?

Looks like you need to use SCREEN_UV or use the MODEL_MATRIX/CANVAS_MATRIX, depending on what effect you are exactly going for.

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Each tile is a quad, so what you could do is render to a viewport and apply the shader to a viewportview. That, I think, is the simple way, tho there are probably better ways depending on what exactly you’re trying to acheive.