Trying to pin sprite to map based on OSM geocoordinates

Godot Version



Using the Map Tile Provider (GitHub - AngryMeenky/MapTileProvider: Request satellite imagery from tile servers in Godot) addon, I am trying to pin a sprite to a position in the map.
The script already does this for the map tiles (sprites), but the code is a bit too advanced for me to understand completely.

My modification to the addon allows me to place a pin on the same location as the tiles (when clicked, a pin sprite is placed in same godot 2d coords as tile sprite).

The source code (specifically the full script): OpenLynx/app/addons/map_tile_provider/examples/ at 61517427c9d0ec8236260b10e039b5f28c00981c - JumpingPants/OpenLynx -

spawn_point() and similar code is what I have added, except for _place_sprite()

It would be great if I can add pins based on geolocations for bus stops, vehicle locations, and so on.

If anyone has thoughts on this, please do share!