Unique Collision Rules in TileMap

Godot Version



I’m wanting to accomplish a unique collision. I’m providing a sample image to better explain it.

I have an item Rigidbody moving in a TileMap world. The TileMap has 2 Physic Layers called “main” and “background”. The items will always collide with the “main” regardless of the direction, the “background” layer is more challenging. The item can be thrown, and when it is thrown it cannot collide with the TileMap horizontally (2), and cannot collide with the TileMap going up (3), but it does collide when going down (1). I tried my best illustrate that items 2 and 3 can pass through the “background”, and item 1 cannot pass through the “background”.

I appreciate any feedback, tips, etc. Thanks for your time

i think you can accomplish what you want with just a single physics layer and marking the colliders that act like the one pictured between 1 and 3 as one way

Thank you for the reply.

I have tried that an it appears to only work in the downward direction and I can’t to find an option change the direction. With it enabled, it will fall straight through the ground.

(I only see the One Way Collision option on the item, not on the TileMap)